How to start

Opening a deposit is quick, easy and safe

Download the application

AllStars provides people around the world with access to the professional precious metals market. You can take advantage of the best prices when buying, selling and storing physical metals. Everything is online - buying, selling, managing ... it is fast, easy and secure.
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Create an account

After installing the AU Allstars application, open it and create your personal AllStars account. This application will open to you the door to the world of investors with precious metals. Enter Sponsor ID 30177-10 and follow the instructions.

Buy precious metals

Congratulations! You have created an Allstars account. There is nothing stopping you from having your life firmly in your hands. If you have savings that have long been in the bank's account, it is high time to move them to precious metals. Then buy as much as you can every month. The more you manage to buy, the better for your future or your children.

Quickly, easily and safely

Registration process

1. step

Click the Sign Up button

2. step

Enter ID: 30177-10 and click Next

3. step

Enter your mobile number and click Next

4. step

A confirmation sms can be send to you. You will find the confirmation code there. Enter it in the boxes and click Next please.

5. step

Fill out the form and click Next.

6. step

A confirmation email has been sent to you with a confirmation code. Enter it in the boxes and click the Confirm button.

7. step

Choose the deposit that suits you. If you don't know which one, write to us, please.

8. step

After reading, agree the business conditions by clicking on the crosses.

9. step

Click the Payment Order - Accept and Save button. The account is ready. Congratulations! You can start buy your precious metal. If you need help, contact us please.