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The best purchase price

Thanks to the German company Auvesta, which specializes exclusively in the purchase, sale and storage of physical precious metals since 2009 and the innovative Allstars savings plan, you can buy precious metals at the best possible prices, even under London Fixing, which sets global daily precious metal prices. metals.

The highest quality precious metals

Auvesta only purchases precious metals from LBMA-certified refineries in Germany. LBMA regulates the requirements for castings of the highest quality marked as Good Delivery. Only LBMA certified manufacturers can produce Good Delivery castings that meet LBMA's stringent quality, weight and purity requirements. It is a guarantee of quality and easy sale of precious metals. Everyone knows them and you can pay with them almost all over the world.

Tangible confidence

Purchased precious metals, unlike virtual names, physically exist, have a long-term lasting value, so you can rely on them especially during crises, are resistant to depreciation due to inflation and political error, and profits from the sale of precious metals are tax-free.


After creating an account, you do not incur any obligations to purchase precious metals, no minimum savings period and even no notice periods. Everything is transparent, flexible and up to you. Your only obligation is to yourself and your family to be protected in an emergency and during old age.

Tax benefits

Thanks to storage in highly secure duty-free warehouses, you do not incur any VAT liability during duty-free storage of precious metal. You buy precious metals without VAT and you do not pay any income taxes on the sale of precious metals throughout the EU. Simply unbeatable.

Secure storage

Your precious metals are stored in highly secure duty-free warehouses in Germany, Switzerland, London or Singapore. You decide in which safe your gold will be stored. In the safe, your castings are assigned under numbers. By assigning castings, you will be legally transferred ownership. Your precious metals are always insured against burglary, robbery and fire in the safe at the current level.

Experience since 2009

Auvesta has been a specialist in the purchase, sale and storage of precious metals since 2009. After years of hard work, it has received significant awards as the Best Provider of Gold Savings Plans from German FOCUS-MONEY and the first place in the Gold Savings Plan Provider category from Handelsblatt, Germany. Our consulting team has been working with Auvesta since 2010. In 2021, we were given the opportunity to expand our services to almost the entire world.

The advantage of regular purchases

By regular purchases of physical precious metals, build assets in the long run, regardless of the current market price. You don't have to keep track of when precious metals are lowest and when they are highest. With regular purchases, you will achieve advantageous use of price fluctuations, and in the long run, metal purchases will be averaged, thus achieving the highest possible amount of precious metals at the best price at a given time - the cost average effect.

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AllStars provides people around the world with access to the professional precious metals market. You can take advantage of the best prices when buying, selling and storing physical metals. Everything is online - buying, selling, managing ... it's fast, easy and secure.

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