Gold Grandpa offers you products from the German company Auvesta Edelmetalle AG from Holzkirchen, which we will introduce to you in this article. It is important that you know who you will trade with.

Auvesta has been specializing in the purchase, sale and storage of physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium since 2009. Auvesta is an international company and one of the leading sellers of precious metals and coins. In 2021, it already operates 116 countries around the world.


Auvesta's goal is to help people buy, sell and manage precious metals that every single person or family should have as insurance or a lifeline for a bad time. Thanks to its experience and modern technologies, Auvesta has created unique online products with which you can buy precious metals online, quickly and safely. The tool is suitable for every single person. Thanks to partners such as, Auvesta also offers the highest quality services and products for large and small clients. In this way, even ordinary people who would not normally get to precious metals can get to them. You have a unique concept at your disposal. No duration, no purchase obligations or any notice periods. Everything is online, flexible and maximally transparent. How to start?

Awards and ratings

Advice and support in financial matters has been, is and always will be a matter of trust. The current survey once again proves that customers are in the best hands with Auvesta Edelmetalle AG in this respect.

In an independent survey of 48,000 clients of the Handelsblatt business newspaper, Auvesta won 1st place among the 14 best-known gold traders as the best provider of gold savings plans. A total of 48,000 providers in 17 categories were collected to find out which financial service providers customers are really happy with. To this end, they asked customers how they rated their experience with a given service provider compared to other providers in the same category. Only the responses of those participants who actually used the services of the evaluated provider in the last 24 months were included in the evaluation. Auvesta became the clear winner in the Gold Savings Plan Provider category. The first place in this category means that the participants of the survey most often named the seller of precious metals from Holzkirchen as the Best Service Provider among the providers of savings plans in gold. With 8.81% of mentions, Auvesta Edelmetalle AG clearly ranked at the top of customer ratings among providers of gold savings plans.

Auvesta regularly receives valuable awards as a TOP precious metals trader. In cooperation with the German Finanz-Service Institute (DFSI), the renowned economic magazine Focus Money put the offer of more than 40 precious metals dealers to a demanding test.

Auvesta received a prestigious award from CrefoZert for excellent solvency. Only 1.7% of all German companies manage to receive this award.

Euler Hermes confirms Auvesta's Best Credit Rating. Of the 3 million German companies, only 1% qualify for this award. Auvesta managed to receive this award for 6 consecutive years (2010-2015).

Auvesta also holds the Hoppenstedt certificate. Only 4.4% of the 4.7 million companies in Germany achieved this great result in 2012.

Awards and certificates