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You have discovered a page where you can also open your favorite precious metals deposit from the German company Auvesta. In 2021, Auvesta won first place in Germany as the best provider of savings plans in gold. The GoldGrandpa.eu is the largest Auvesta service provider in Europe and a provider of the best consulting services and support.

Who is GoldGrandpa.eu?

We are people like you. Our job is to look for other ways to protect and secure the family, old age and children. All this mainly outside the banks. One such solution is to convert savings into precious metals and subsequent regular purchases of precious metals. Owning precious metals should be a necessity for every single adult. Why? Because it is the safest solution to long-term savings, protection of yourself and the whole family. Precious metals are the first step not only towards financial protection. The Golden Grandfather was created to let as many people as possible know about it. We want to help families have a better life. Especially in retirement. We are here for you. Write to us and ask.


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We not only constantly take care of our clients, but we also educate them.

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